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En ce temps où une grande incertitude sanitaire vient s’ajouter à une société déjà fragilisée, chacun s’accorde à reconnaître qu’il faut « recréer du lien social ». Plus que jamais, la valeur de confiance chère à notre réseau, est indispensable. C’est dans ce contexte que nous avons voulu créer la lettre SOCLE. En interrogeant des experts venant de tous les horizons, nous souhaitons mener une réflexion de fond sur le rôle de la confiance, en tant que socle de nos sociétés humaines.

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- interview N°2

Michel Maffesoli: I am confident that confidence will return!

An emeritus professor of sociology at the Sorbonne, internationally renowned explorer of the imagination, Michel Maffesoli has devoted more than half a century of his work to the interaction between ideas and changes in societies.

Ignoring this subtle interplay means, according to him, failing to understand the real changes – political, economic, cultural, social... – at work in our daily lives, where the rational is being replaced by the emotional. In truth, it is this imagination that subtly sculpts our reality. So individualism is being defeated by the return of tribes, based on common passions, whose return to our post-modernity was first announced by Michel Maffesoli. These tribes, which flourish in the digital age – and even more so in the age of confinement! – operate on a key factor: trust.

- interview N°1

Jérôme Fourquet: the health crisis brings to the forefront the values of solidarity and sharing

Will French society emerge changed from the Coronavirus ordeal? What can we already learn from the sequence of events started on the 16th of March by the decision to enforce on the French the strict confinement rules already applied in China and subsequently in Italy?

As a seasoned analyst, the director of studies at the IFOP (Institut français d’opinion publique), Jérôme Fourquet, is not a pollster like the others. He is also a geographer with a passion for the history of mentalities, which makes him one of the most qualified people to discuss the subject.

In the wake of his latest book, L’archipel français, naissance d’une nation multiple et divisée (Seuil, 2019), which in just a few months has taken its place at the heart of the debate on ideas, he assesses for us the impact of the crisis we are going through on the value of trust.