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member for 2 years

I come from the province and I was looking for a place in the jungle of Parisian real estate. GDC was such a great help! Finally a goodwill and trustworthy network housed in a site and a simple and easy application. Congratulations!


member for 2 years

Super quality of answers received, both on their experience and geographically, again nothing can replace GDC or the quality of people met! Thank you and congratulations for the great job!


member for 5 years

Thank you guys for this valuable service: while the web is more often a source of pollution than a benefit for humanity, you are using the Internet to develop a network of trust BRAVO!


member for 2 years

This is the first time that I have used the website, however, I had heard many good things. I must say that I was surprised, by the app, the quality, friendliness of contacts, and efficiency at the end: 1 visit for each apartment was enough to rent! Thank you and good luck!